This year’s vintage saw the majority of the grapes being Pineau d’Aunis, supplemented by the local Grolleau Noir variety and a small amount of Cabernet Franc. The Pineau d’Aunis is one of our favourite varietals currently - bright with incredible depth and colour, this grape is also used in some of the Pet Nats made by Jean-Pierre Robinot.

After pressing, the juice was fermented in barrels, then bottled in November after the fermentation process reached 18 grams of residual sugar. This sugar then continued to ferment, producing the incredibly fine, light bubbles you see today. The result is a perfect example of a Pet Nat for drinking through the spring.

We love this wine. It is pink, delicious, limpid, very slightly sweet and the perfect starter for a  warm spring lunch or twilight aperitif.