Wines always age better in Magnums. The 1.5L format allows the wines to evolve slowly and develop well with time.

Lucky for us we were able to secure some Magnums from an astonishing region in the old world - Jura. Located on the east coast of France, Jura has been under the radar for some time in the mainstream vernacular. Now it’s finally catching the heat it deserves and the wine world is looking after the region like a precious gem.

Savagnin, Chardonnay, Trousseau, Poulsard and Pinot Noir are amongst the main grapes grown in the Jura region. With an incredible range of flavour profiles, think from oxidative whites to a light and fresh reds (that are awesome chilled!), Jura has deservedly risen on the top counter of all Natural wine bars around the globe.

Here at Star Superette we have secured some old Magnums from the Rolet vineyard before it changed hands a couple years ago. Currently we have a couple of Domaine Rolet, Arbois Blanc Tradition 2004 – these are incredibly rich, with massive depth upon a oxidative palette.

We’ve also managed to raid the Rolet cellar for a few specials – due in 2021, we have a range of Jura Magnum’s arriving exclusively at Star Superette.

Stay in touch to know more about availabilities!