2019 Deep Down Sauvignon Blanc

Ahhh Sauvignon Blanc, a variety that has become somewhat polarizing in recent time. Following the boom of the 2000s, New Zealand’s local appetite for Sauvignon Blanc has somewhat weaned. 

However, we must acknowledge that New Zealand’s 8th biggest industry is essentially driven by this varietal. 

It was in the mid 80s when the Brancott Estate (formerly known as Montana Wines) realised that Marlborough and Sauvignon Blanc were destined to be the next big thing. Quickly after, the English and Aussies jumped on board and by the late 80s, demand went through the roof. 

In 1997, Sauvignon Blanc total plantings consisted of 7,500 hectares in New Zealand. Jump to 2017, where we now have 37,000 hectares – a five fold increase in vineyard area over just two decades.

Deep Down is the result of a friendship between Clive Dougall, ex-winemaker of Seresin Estate, and Peter Lorimer, who promoted New Zealand wine internationally. The companies goal: to create low-intervention and approachable wines from the grapes of their favourite growers. 

Debuting in 2019, Deep Down are off to a hell of a start. This Sauvignon was made using organically farmed grapes from a single source, then naturally fermented with the vineyards yeasts living on the grapes. This is a Sauv that’s been toned down but still remains effortlessly Marlborough. 

Like most Kiwi Sauv’s, drink sooner than later – so crack the bottle and raise a glass to our saving grape.